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“The legal services’ purchasing: on the way to the transparency”.The expert’s comments: Pavel Ikkert, partner, for the special project of NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers and Law & Business along with Pravo.ru “The market of the legal services’ purchasing”

The purchasing of the legal services are proceeded now in a different way to compare thus with the one six months ago. All novels are purposed to make the purchasing procedure more transparent, and bring to zero the amount of unscrupulous experts. According to the experts in this domain, the said goals have not been achieved yet, but some positive improvements are already noticed.

The particularities of the legal purchasing create a fertile ground for unscrupulous participants who are eager to secure a victory of the specific supplier. The simplest way to act here is not to admit anybody else to tender. “Let’s say, the security deposit of 5 mln. rubles at the summing up in 2-3 month time after the applications admission stops, does not give the small companies possibility to take part in the purchasing. To my mind, this is a limiting factor in the competition. There are no strong arguments speaking in favour of the fact that a young legal company that did not earn a large amount of avails, is less efficient in rendering a service to the customer than a legal company with an extended term of work and, accordingly, a big profit,” believes Pavel Ikkert, partner of “NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers”.     


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