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NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers and the Management company Law & Business along with Pravo.ru launched a special project “The market of the legal services’ purchasing”

The organization and implementation of purchasing has always been a vital and sharp issue. It concerns both the purchasing as a whole and the purchasingof the legal services. At the same time, despite the level increase of the purchasing transparency that can be recently observed, a large amount of issues and problems have remained unsolved.

In the frame of the special project “The market of the legal services’ purchasing” we will discuss with the representatives of the legal companies and business-communities some recent trends in the sphere of corporative purchases, particularities of the legal regulation, main problems and abuses that the customers and executors meet within the organization of tenders forthe legal services and their participation in the said tenders, as well as the methods of combating with such abuses.

About the current state of the market of the legal services’ purchasing and its particularities please read the first article of the special project “The legal services’ purchasing: on the way to the transparency”:


Those who wish to participate in the survey and answer a few questions on the legal services’ purchasing are kindly invited at:


The survey’s results will be published on the site of the special project in the analysis findings.

For all materials of the special project please follow the link:


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