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The Arbitration court of the Moscow region recovered from the Client’s counterpart the arrears and forfeits arisen in connection with breach of the contract obligations within realization of the innovation project

In accordance with the agreement between the two parties, the counterpart assumed some obligations and was also given the unique high-technological equipment for temporary possession and use. With a view to the non-fulfillment of the contract terms, NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers’ specialists managed to assure the return of the leased equipment on the stage of the pre-court settlement.  

However, in conjunction with the refusal to fulfill the contract terms on payments, the lawyers prepared a legal suit to the court on the settlement of the appeared arrears as well as on the forfeit payment. TheArbitration court met theClient’s claims in full.  

The Client’s interests within the legal settlement were represented by the specialists of the dispute resolution and arbitration practice of the legal company “NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers”.

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