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Disputes resolution and arbitration

The dispute resolution and arbitration practice of NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers comprises a few focus areas, namely, the counseling in civil and administrative cases, as well as in the courts representation in the arbitration courts and in the courts of general jurisdiction.

The practice team renders the whole range of the legal services, necessary for the solution of the Client’s strategy problems, taking into consideration the particularity of the branch, geographical position, as well as other nuances, determined by the specific business conduct in the specific situation.

The key task of the practice lawyers is a quality defense of the rights and legal interests of the Client on the pre-court stage and in the courts of all instances. Some cases led by the practice specialists, have had precedential value, that changed or formed the legal practice. The practice team strives not only to win the case in the court, but to ensure the real enforcement of the court’s resolution.   


Pre-court dispute regulation

  • The counseling and preparation of the resolutions, recommendations on particular disputable issues, including the research of the presented documents, the study of the legislation, the analysis of the court practice, the forming of the lawyer’s position.
  • The assessment of the court prospectives and the prospectives of the actual recovery of the judgement.
  • The pre-court regulation of the civil disputes. Pre-action procedure.

The interests’ representation in the courts, as well as within the executive procedure

  • The interests’ representation in the courts of all levels on disputes arising from the different civil law contracts.
  • The recovery of the debt, insurance claim, penalties, damages.
  •  The Customs disputes, the disputes with the Pension Fund bodies and the Social Insurance bodies.
  •  The disputes in the power sector.
  •  The court disputes with antimonopoly bodies.
  •  The insurance disputes.
  •  The corporative disputes.
  •  The administrative disputes.
  •  The disputes with the foreign element.
  •  Other commercial disputes.
  •  The conduct of cases on the courts’ enforceable judgements.

Counseling on the different issues of the economic activity

  • The written and oral counseling in the area of the civil law and branch regulation, including the antimonopoly, bank, finance, copyright, patent and other regulation.
  • The conduct of the express-analysis on different legal issues.
  • The preparation of the extended legal conclusions.
  • The assessment of the legal risks presence and the means of their minimizing in the process of the organizations’ economic activity.
  • The counseling on the issues of the interaction with the state bodies.

Transaction support

  • The counseling on the peculiarities of the civil law contracts and the procedure for the conclusion of contracts.
  • The preparation of the drafts of pre-contract documents and contracts.
  • The due diligence in the transactions of any complexity.  
  • The legal analysis of the contracts’ drafts with regard to their conformity to the civil legitimacy and the applied special legitimacy.
  • The identification of the legal, commercial, organizational and law risks, arising from the contract documents. The elaboration of the practical recommendations.
  • The recommendations for the strategy issues in the negotiating of contracts. The participation in the process of negotiations.
  • The counseling and support of transactions in the merger and acquisition, including the legal audit.
  • The counseling on issues connected with the purchasing and selling of the electrical energy (power) on the wholesale and retail markets.

Clients of the practice: