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International practice

The international practice is one the leading practices of NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers from the date of its foundation.

NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers renders services in different areas of the tax, civil, corporative, commercial and other fields of the international law, it also proceeds with the financial, corporative and tax administration of the foreign companies.

The geography of the services in the area of the international law includes such jurisdictions as the Netherlands, Cyprus, Switzerland, Luxemburg, England, Malta, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, the British Virgin Islands (BVI), the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Cayman Islands, Belize, Panama, etc.


The legal support of the foreign company’s activity

  • The interaction with the notary bodies and representatives of the state bodies abroad.
  • The legal consulting on the issues connected with the acting legislation of the foreign countries.
  • The preparation of the legal opinions and analytical references in the areas of the international tax, financial, civil, corporative law.
  • The legal expertise of the transactions, complicated by the international element, the due diligence of international projects and non-resident companies.
  • The compiling of the international legal contracts’ drafts and other documents in accordance with the applied foreign legislation.
  • The structuring and legal support of transactions, including M&A transactions, the Client’s interests representation during the forming of the shareholders’ agreements.
  • The legal audit of the foreign companies.
  • The accreditation of the representation offices and affiliates of the foreign companies on the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • The counseling in the area of the currency regulation and the control towards the opening of accounts in the foreign banks and the flow of funds.  

Registration and administration of the foreign companies

  • Theregistration, the reorganization and the liquidation of the foreign companies.
  • The creation of the investment and non-commercial funds, trusts.
  • The services in the annual administration and legal support of the foreign companies.
  • The assistance in the opening of the accounts abroad by the individuals and the legal entities, helping in choosing the proper bank, as well as the preparation of the appropriate notifications on the accounts opening and the statements on the flow of funds.
  • The preparation of the financial reports and the audit conduct.

Tax administration of the foreign companies

  • The international tax planning.
  • The structuring of the business into the international holding.
  • The preparation and control over the timely handling of the tax returns.
  • The obtainment of the tax bodies’ instructions with regard to the specific transactions/tax status of the company’s Client, other disputable issues (tax ruling).
  • The confirmation of the tax resident status of the foreign companies in accordance with the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • The analysis of the current business structure for the purpose of their identification as companies under control, as tax residents of the RF, the analysis of the tax risks in connection with the application of the international treaties on the tax issues.
  • The preparation of the notifications on the foreign company’s participation, the notifications on the foreign companies/structures under control, the notifications of the foreign companies that own the real estate property in the RF.

Financial administration of the project foreign companies

  • The preparation and control over the timely handling of the financial reporting.
  • The transformation of the reporting in Russian Accounting Standards into IFRS.
  • The preparation of the company’s budget.
  • The preparation of the reports on the budget implementation, the analysis of the deviation of the planned key figures from the factual data.
  • The preparation of the business-plans, the reports on the business-plans implementation.
  • The preparation of the translational packet of the company for the purpose of the preparation of the company’s consolidated packet.
  • The preparation of the company’s consolidated packet.
  • The preparation of the plan for the companies’ investment program.
  • The preparation and the approval of the reconciliation reports on the concluded loan contracts, the interest settlement.

Clients of the practice: