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Real estate and construction

One of the directions of NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers activity is the provision of the whole range of legal services necessary for the successful implementation of different challenging projects in the field of the real estate and construction.

We are glad to propose to our Clients the professional legal assistance in the support of any operations at the real estate market, including the support of the investment projects, and, if necessary, the pre-court and court defense within the disputes, connected with the real estate.  

For the time of performance of the practice “Real estate and construction”, starting from 2008, a range of important projects in the field of the residential construction and the construction of commercial and industrial objects were successfully executed.



Legal support of the transactions with the real estate

  • The verification of the clean title of the purchased real estate object.
  • The choice of the purchasing scheme for the real estate object considering the tax implications for the participants of the transaction.
  • The preparation of all necessary documents for the purchasing and selling transaction formalities: the contracts of purchasing and selling, gift, exchange, shared construction, investment, etc.
  • The support of the transaction on the stage of realization: pre-contract negotiations, the organization of the settlement payments between the seller and the buyer, interrelations with banks, rights registration.
  • The preparation of the real estate object for selling: the legalization of the previously made alterations, state cadastre entry, registration of rights on the real estate object, the pooling and separation of interests.
  • The registration of land relations, including the land plots of the state property.
  • The land measuring works: the land surveying, the adjustment of the land plot’s borders, the pooling of the land plots, the changing of the type for land usage.

The support of the investment projects

  • The assessment of the investment project, the analysis of the law risks, connected with the realization of the investment project.
  • The elaboration of legal scheme for the realization of the investment projects in the field of the industrial and commercial construction: the building-up of the contract relations between all participants of the project, the elaboration of the master investment contract or several interconnected contracts, identification of the project  realization  stages, the flow of funds, the system of the warranty obligations.
  • The due diligence of the investment projects: the interacting with the client, the general contractor, the project designer, banks-guarantors on the stage of the real estate design and construction, as well as with the companies providing the services in the marketing and in the implementation of the investment activity’s result.  
  • The interests representation in the state bodies at the obtaining of the initial permit documentation and during the check-ups.  
  • The rendering of other services of the legal and counseling character, connected with the investment activity’s result, among them: on the issues of the operation of the real estate objects, their selling, their distribution among the participants of the investment project, the external participants in the shared construction, etc.

The support of the construction activity

  • The support of the projects connected with the construction, the reconstruction, the reconstruction works, refurbishing, the alteration and capital repair of real estate objects either on the side of the client or on the side of the contractor.
  • The elaboration of the ЕРС and ЕРС(М) contracts, as well as the preparation of other contracts, necessary for the construction and commissioning of the capital object.
  • The obtaining of the urban planning documentation: the urban plan of the plot, the construction permit, the commissioning permit, the demolition permission for buildings and other documents.
  • The registration of the land matters for the design and construction purposes, including the allocation of plots from the state land.  
  • The obtaining of the technical conditions for connection (the utility connection) of the capital utility to the utilities system.
  • The undergoing of the state and non-state construction expertise.
  • The regulation of the disputable and conflict situations in the frame of the construction, the claim proceeding, the court disputes conduct.

Services in the registration of rights for the real estate property and in the transactions with them

  • The analysis of the current situation and of the Client’s documents, the counseling on the issues of the property’s rights registration.
  • The preparation of the entire set of documents necessary for the state cadastre entry of the real estate object, the registration of rights for the real estate object and in the transactions with them.
  • The interacting with the Rosreestr (Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography), the Cadastral Chamber, the cadastre engineers, the real estateappraisers in the course of the registration and other activities connected with the real estate ownership.
  • The retrieving of information from the the State Cadastre of Real Estate, the Single State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions, the certificates on the cadastre price, the cadastre passports, other documents.
  • The revision of the cadastre price of the real estate object at the court and in the commission for the disputes’ study of the results of the cadastre pricing, the re-calculation of the tax obligations for the property and land taxation.
  • The defense of the rights and legal interests in the course of the state land’s control (supervision), the state control in the approved order of the registry and usage of the non-residential objects.
  • The appellation of the examination results in the administrative and legal process.  

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