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Tax practice

The tax practice has been the key direction in the business activity of NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers from the date of its foundation.

The correct and timely protection of the violated rights and legal interests of the organization in the sphere of the taxation has been an extremely important measure, due to its direct influence on the development, and in the number of cases, on the possibility of the business growth.

The tax practice of  NAFCO – Law & Tax Advisers contributes into the clients’ business development using (reclaiming) the tax reserves/discovering the overpaid taxes from the budget, protecting the violated rights of the taxpayers, it encourages the sensible forming-up of the relations between the taxpayers and the fiscal bodies.

The advantages of the tax practice is its highly professional, responsible, result-oriented team of specialists possessing the enormous experience.  

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    Pavel Ikkert


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    Ekaterina Gorohova


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    Irina Mostovaya


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    Maxim Voloboev

    Deputy head of tax practice

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Counseling on the complicated issues of the taxation and accountancy

  • The written and oral counseling on the issues of the taxation, accountancy and taxation management.
  • The analysis and estimation of the planned corporative procedures and transactions for the purpose of discovering and elimination of the negative tax effects and tax inefficiency.
  • The elaboration of the legal opinions in the disputable matters of taxation with regard to the established court practice and the positions of the fiscal bodies.
  • The working-out of recommendations for the elimination of the tax risks.
  • The preparation of the legal opinions on the issues of the interpretation and implementation of the legislation on the taxes and levies and the other complicated legal issues.
  • The elaboration of the accounting policy for the purpose of the taxation and accountancy.
  • The assistance in the filling-in of the tax returns.
  • The conduct of the practical seminars on actual issues of the taxation.

Tax audit. The revealing of the tax risks and tax reserves

  • The verification of the tax records, the drawing up of the accounting source documents.
  • The finding of the existing tax risks, the analysis of the tax risks related to the appropriate corporative actions and interactions.
  • The legal assessment of the economic validity of the expenditure incurred and of the obtained “tax benefit”.
  • The legal assessment of the probability of claims recovery by the tax bodies, of the prospects in the court appeals of the resolutions/formal requests from the inspection.
  • The finding and realization of potential “tax reserves” in different types of taxes.

Pre-court adjustment of the tax disputes

The legal support and elaboration of the strategy for the conduct of the tax control actions by the tax bodies (in-house, field, “third party” tax audits):

  • the analysis of the resolution legitimacy of the audit assignment;
  • the analysis of the formal requests (inquiries, orders, and other documents) of the tax body;
  • the preparation of replies to the tax body’s order on the submission of documents and clarifications;
  • the check-up of the documents prepared for the tax body’s request.

Pre-court appeal of the results of the in-house and/or field tax audits:

  • the preparation of objections to the act of the tax audit;
  • the preparation of objections to the results of the additional actions of the tax control;
  • the preparation of the appellation and/or the claim to the empowered resolution of the tax body;
  • the support during the expert researches in the disputable moments on the stage of the tax control actions;
  • the assistance in the involvement of the alternative experts on the taxpayer’s side.

Representation of the taxpayers’ interests in the tax body in the frame of the in-house and field tax audits:

  • during the study of the audit’s materials (the participation in the legal objections);
  • during the study of the materials of the tax control’s additional actions;
  • during the interviews of the executives, witnesses and other persons on the taxpayer’s side.
  • during the conduct of the bills’ comparison and presentation of the documents and clarifications.

The conduct of the tax disputes in the arbitration courts

  • The elaboration of the court strategy in the tax disputes.
  • The preparation of the application on interlocutory injunctions in the frame of the tax disputes.
  • The gathering of the necessary facts of evidence; the organizing of the expert researches conduct.
  • The preparation of all necessary procedure documents.
  • The representation of the Client’s interests in the tax disputes (the appeal of actions/inactions, non-regulatory legal acts of the tax bodies) in the arbitration courts of all instances.
  • The representation of the Client’s interests on the stage of enforcement proceeding.

Clients of the practice: