Over the years, NAFCO Law Firm has united a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields of law and economics, including tax and financial consulting, commercial law, judicial representation, which allows us to promptly assist our clients in solving complex methodological and conflict-of-laws problems of modern legislation, as well as disputes of commercial and public nature character.

Consultants have not only in-depth knowledge in relevant areas of legislation and judicial practice, but also valuable experience in their application, accumulated during their work in tax authorities, courts of various instances, leading foreign and Russian companies, including consulting, as well as as arbitrators.
General manager
Ekaterina Gorokhova
Tax Law \ Accounting and Audit
  • Consulting on complex accounting and taxation issues.
  • Development of recommendations for clients on accounting for complex (non-standard) business transactions, as well as business transactions related to new types of activities.
  • Examination of internal regulatory documents of the client in terms of accounting and tax accounting, development of recommendations for their alignment with the current legislation.
  • Conducting financial and legal expertise (due diligence) of the client's activities, identification of tax reserves for all types of taxes.
  • Education
    2001 year- All-Russian Correspondence Institute of Finance and Economics, economist with a degree in accounting and, as well as as arbitrators.
    2011 year - Moscow Finance and Law Academy, lawyer.
    С 2017 year- Member of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia.
    2021 year- Moscow Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, tax lawyer.
    Project experience
    Tax Law \ Accounting and Audit
  • Participation in 2015-2016 in the implementation of a project to identify the client's property tax reserves (clause 11 of art. 381 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation), within the framework of which the taxpayer's right to apply the specified benefit in the amount of more than 670 million rubles is confirmed.
  • Implementation of a project for a generating company to identify tax reserves for land tax and income tax.
  • Implementation of a project for one of the largest energy companies to identify tax reserves for property tax (Clause 11 of Article 381 and Clause 3 of Article 380 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).
  • Participation in the project on conducting financial and legal expertise (due diligence) for 2012-2013 of the company's activities in the space industry.
  • Pubblicazioni
    Ekaterina's articles on accounting and taxation are published in specialized professional publications: "Actual Accounting", "Joint Stock Company", "Russian Tax Portal", etc.