About us
NAFCO Law Firm provides clients with a wide range of legal and consulting services in the field of Russian law.

The history of the company began in 2003. The main areas of activity at that time were taxes, arbitration and financial consulting, which was reflected in the company's brand name. Gradually, the range of services provided expanded, new professional areas of activity were added.

Today, NAFCO is a highly professional team of lawyers, auditors, specialists in the field of accounting and IFRS. The main specialization of the company is still the conduct of judicial and arbitration disputes, tax consulting, consulting in various branches of Russian law, support of transactions in the real estate market, legal audit.

In addition, close cooperation for 10 years with large energy companies has allowed NAFCO to acquire serious experience in the field of energy, which allows us to provide legal services to industry companies working in the energy sector at the highest professional level.
The high level of services provided and the professionalism of the company's employees are confirmed by our customers and partners:
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