Accounting services
The company "NAFCO" provides accounting services to a wide range of business entities. Our clients include large, medium and small organizations, individual entrepreneurs, non—profit organizations and individuals. We work with organizations of all tax systems (OSNO, USN, patent).

They turn to us to organize competent document management at the enterprise, optimize the work of accounting, restore accounting, transfer accounting both completely and individual sections and get professional advice.
  • Processing of primary documentation, filling in data in 1C
  • Preparation of updated declarations for past reporting periods
  • Development of individual accounting policy
  • Express accounting audit
  • Restoration of accounting
  • Support and consultations
  • Maintaining personnel records of employees
  • Execution of orders (hiring, vacation, transfer to another position, business trip, dismissal, etc.)
  • Development/amendment of the Regulations on remuneration (bonuses)
  • Development/amendment of the Rules of internal labor regulations
  • Setting up accruals and deductions
  • Payroll calculation according to your company's payroll system
  • Other additional payroll services
  • Written/oral consultations on taxation
  • Written/oral consultations on accounting and reporting
  • Tax optimization
  • Tax planning
  • Filling out declarations for individuals
  • Registration of tax deductions
  • Consultations on obtaining tax deductions
  • Preparation and submission of reports on the current organization
  • Preparation and submission of zero reports
  • Advantages of working with our company
    • With us you benefit up to 50%
    • Data security and privacy
    • Optimization of the tax burden
    • We provide highly qualified specialists
    • The specialist is always in touch
    • Involvement in the process
    • Individual approach to the client